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Release year:1991
Directed By:Jonathan Demme

Movie Name: Silence Of The Lambs

Why i like it:I have seen lots and lots of films, but none were ever so well written like Silence of the Lambs. The characters are amazing and there is a lot of shown development with them, especially with Hannibal Lecter, who has to be one of cinemas greatest Villains. The film tells a gruesome story that you want to leave your memory immediately after you've watched it. The Silence of the Lambs is more a thriller than a horror. There are few intense/scary/suspenseful scenes, but besides that it's just a story of a creepy mystery. Beware an awesome plot twist awaits you.

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Release year:2005
Directed By:Danny Cannon

Movie Name: Goal! The Dream Begins

Why i like it:Right from the beginning this movie dose a great job of keeping your attention. It shows how hard it really is for any athlete, in this case a soccer player to make it pro. Even though the movie is not based off of a true story it feels as if it should be and there are many obstacles that(Munez)has to overcome throughout the movie. Overall the movie has become an all time favorite of mine and i have already seen it twice. It is a sleeper and if you are a fan of the English premier league or just of soccer in general you should definitely go and see this movie. Its worth your time and money and i think that you too will fall in love with it just like i have.

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Release year:2006
Directed By:Gabriele Muccino

Movie Name:The Pursuit of Happyness

Why i like it:I wasn't familiar with Chris Gardner's story before this movie. I think it's a great story. The struggles he face seem hard to bear. But, believing in himself got him through it. Everyone has that capacity no matter their color, background or religion. Those of you that only see Will Smith as an actor that can only do comedy are sadly mistaken, He should have won an oscar for this role. To make dreams come true it takes hard work. It teaches me ,if you're going to dream-you might as well dream big and work hard for it.

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Release year:2014
Directed By:Baran bo Odar

Movie Name: Kein System ist sicher(No system is secure) aka Who am I

Why i like it:German movies are not often comparable to the international standard, but in the last 2 years the trend goes bottom-up.The movie gains us an insight into the life of young hackers and their ambitions. Thy visualization of the meetings in the web with other hackers are very good pictured.The plot of who Am I is very complex. At the beginning it doesn't look so deep, but while it comes to conclusion the movie shows us his high-class.

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Release year:2004
Directed By:James Wan

Movie Name: SAW

Why i like it:This is one of the great movies of all time, from the beginning to the end SAW never fails to entertain and keep outs eyes glued to the screen.Unlike other movies this movies connecting all other movies in the series perfectly building up a final nice story. The acting is done very good buy the actors and actresses. The music is also well done which gives us atmospheric feeling.Violence moments in the movie will give you a unique experience unlike any movie you have watched.

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Release year:2009
Directed By:Tom Hooper

Movie Name: The Damned United

Why i like it:I have got to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the film. The main focus of the film is the relationship between the young pretender in football management Clough and the master in Don Revie the Manager of Leeds United. The film focuses on Clough's short tenure as the manager of Leeds after replacing Revie in 1974. The lead performances by Sheen and Meaney are excellent and it is at least as enthralling as the Frost/Nixon interplay.The film cleverly uses real life footage and we see very little of the actors playing football.I suspect that to get the most out of the film you'll probably need to like football, but if you do you're more or less guaranteed to enjoy it.

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